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Our Vision

  • Help revive and reproduce the old Shanghai classical pop music and traditional Chinese culture

  • Allow us to continue to share a precious cultural heritage with audiences around the world

  • Make possible all new productions each year

  • Prepare talented young singer and musicians for professional performing arts careers

Preparation is underway for a classic Old Shanghai solo concert named “Mei Mei Shanghai Old Songs, 2018”.

Shanghai is the birthplace of Chinese pop music. We will be focusing on the Shanghai old songs from 1927 to 1949. During that period, a group of Chinese students studying music overseas brought back to China the western music theory, its techniques in instruments, composition and orchestration. Also some western music teachers came to China to teach. In the same period, Jazz was introduced to Shanghai and became popular.

Shanghai, at that time, was called Eastern Paris, with an open and forward atmosphere for art, which gave rise to many outstanding singers and composers. Incorporating western music theory and techniques into local operas and folk songs, they wrote many beautiful songs. Much of their work was popular even outside China, such as the song “Rose Rose I Love You”, which reached #3 on the Billboard Magazine Music Charts in 1951. It was the first golden era of Chinese pop music.

However, the so-called Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) in China destroyed almost everything. Traditional culture was forbidden. Neither Chinese nor western culture, arts, music survived. It was a dark period. Few young people in China today have ever heard Old Shanghai Songs.

Mei Mei, professional pop singer and teacher, started to learn to sing at 5. She began to accept professional vocal training when she was 9. She became a professional singer at the age of 18. She recorded 3 solo albums and held 6 solo concerts. One time when Mei Mei was giving her performance in Singapore, she stumbled upon some beautiful Old Shanghai Songs and was fascinated by them. She began to study them and learn to sing them. In the past few years, Mei Mei has held 5 Old Shanghai Songs concerts in San Francisco. We hope to revive the Old Shanghai Songs and give more and more young audience the opportunity to enjoy them.

We are seeking talents to form a classic chamber music group to give the “Mei Mei Shanghai Old Song, 2018” concert. We are looking to fill 15 positions: Pianist, Violinist(4), Viola, Celloist, Double Bassist, Drummer, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet(2) and Trombone Player.

Let’s make beautiful music together!


Concert Location and Date:

Theater: San Francisco Scottish Rite Masonic Auditorium

2850 19th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94132

Date: September 22, 2018; 7:00pm to 9:00pm